RantVoid (www.rantvoid.com)

Welcome to RantVoid. A loose collection of information I keep scattered around. As I have a couple of blog sites (one being a podcast), a YouTube channel and am likely to add other things online as time goes on, I figured the best place to collect them was the Landing Page of my web domain.


First up there is Rants in the Void, the blog that spawned the domain name. Here I write about pretty much anything that feels appropriate at the time. TV, videogaming, topical events, mental health issues. I tend to keep the content family-friendly but, outside of that, pretty much anything goes.


Online Media

Most of my this goes up on the RantVoid Media Hub. A front page to my audio-visual content.
Currently, this is mainly content from my YouTube channel. This contains a selected archive of some of my gaming sessions (see below) and vlogs for when I need to talk about something and text or pure audio just won't suffice.

I also have a Twitch channel on which I occasionally stream gaming sessions. I stream from a combination of Steam, PS4 and a cheap capture device for older consoles.